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Humbug: XNGH Nick "The Dick"    Gates 530-682-1680
1st Vice Humbug: John “Twinkie” Basham 530-763-8322
2nd Vice Humbug: Mario "Super Mario" Collodi 520-228-5311

Hangman: XNGH Miles "Butterfly” Jensen 530-443-6205

Recorder: Brian “Bucket” Peterson 530-315-6875

Gold Dust Receiver: Allan “Kool Aid” Burgett  530-237-6051

Hawker: John “Z-Animal” Coyle  530-632-6421

DFDK1: Shane "Eye Fucker" Brauton
DFDK2 : Jason
"Black Johnson" Brod
Libationist: Russell "Lenard Knee-Moist" Hetzler
Parade Marshall:

Grand Noble Musician:

Museum Curator: Gene “Chainsaw” Coen 530-487-5600

Web Master: Louis “Louanardo” Ward 530-923-3203--