Frank Reilly, wife Lucille, and her mother Marie Sandberg, were La Porte to most people from the late 1930’s to the middle 1960’s.  In the 30’s they (along with Marie’s first husband Lucien Amy) extended their warm hospitality to all comers, first at the La Porte Hotel and later at Reilly’s Saloon and Café, originally Burrel-Buckley, barn lot circa 1860, Jumbo Merian’s Grocery & Gas Station, 1930-1945. Purchased by Frank C. Reilly, operator from 1945-1965.

Frank was born in Forbestown and before becoming an innkeeper he was the foreman of the Feather Fork Mine.  Frank, Lucille, and “Mom” were always ready to welcome you with hot food and drinks and good companionship. In 1973 Frank was the first Humbug of Frank C. Reilly 5978, E Clampus Vitus® and one of the very few that was still alive with a chapter carrying his name.

Today our chapter continues the honored tradition of E Clampus Vitus® dedicated to the study and preservation of the heritage of the American West, especially the history of the Mother Lode and gold mining regions of the area. The protection of widows, orphans and contributing back to our community.

Some ways we contribute back to our community is sponsoring events through the year. One of these events is the Olivehurst Fire Department vs. Clampers' softball game and tug of war. All funds raised during this event are donated directly to the Olivehurst Fire Department. Other funds raised are donated to different organizations every year such as, The Depot (a local soup kitchen) Marysville School District's Lunch Program to name a few. 

Come on in and take a look around to see all of our events from the past or our calendar for up coming events. We also invite you to visit our history page for more information of The Ancient and Honorable E Clampus Vitus® and Western History. If you like antiques and artifacts visit the Frank C. Reilly Museum page.

We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often as we continually update our site.
Events 2023 Update

July 22nd: 50th Aniversary Doins. Laporte Ca.
The Clamper's Creed

As I pass through life, may I always be humble;

May I never take myself seriously;

May I always appreciate a little of the ridiculous;

May I always be a two-fisted Clamper

when the bottle passes my way and if I imbibe,

and can't hold it like a man,

then may I always be able to pass it to the next brother;

May I never forget the stout-hearted

men who settled a great western wilderness and the heritage we have today.

May I never fail to appreciate a bit of western lore.

13 Minuets of Marysville
First Wednesdays: BOD Meeting Elks Lodge Marsville
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